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The Ecocap’s system

More hygiene

Ecocap® maintains the hygienic conditions
of the upper part of the cans over time,
from their packaging and along
the entire distribution chain.

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An added media

The upper part
of the cans becomes a means
of communication
and a marketing or co-marketing tool.

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New space for your promotions

Ecocap®, can be backprinted
on the internal side,
thereby becoming the ideal
way to convey promotional
messages directly on the can.

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Water and heat resistant

Ecocap® protection
undergoes water immersion
and heat resistance (up to 60 °C) tests.

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100% recyclable

Ecocap® is environmentally friendly,
easy to dispose of and 100% recyclable,
ensuring an extremely low environmental impact.

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Cans stand out

Ecocap® is an excellent promotional tool,
which will make your product immediately
recognisable from above.

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Ecocap® is the patented system that protects cans, bottles, jars, and test tubes anywhere and under any condition in a safe and hygienic way.

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