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Mobile Cap Sealing Machine

Ecocap’s, the unique and patented system to protect and give visibility to your cans.

  • Suitable for every type of can
  • Compatible with PakTech, Hi-Cone and other packaging solutions
  • Uses 100% customizable 100% recyclable caps.

A machine developed for dynamic production lines

  • From 5 to 150 pcs/minute
  • Modular

Plug-in Concept

  • User friendly
  • Can be plugged to home power outlet
  • user friendly operator console

Light and compact

  • weight: 750 kg
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 1.350 x 1.172 x 2.005 mm

A complete solution

  • On-site training
  • Scheduled maintaining
  • Ecocaps’s caps supply
Production speed 10.000 pieces/hour
Sealing heads number 5
Lids capacity 8.750
Installed power 5 KVA
Air usage 25 l/min
Net weight 750 kg


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The Ecocap’s system

More hygiene

Ecocap® maintains the hygienic conditions
of the upper part of the cans over time,
from their packaging and along
the entire distribution chain.

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A new marketing tool

The upper part
of the cans becomes a means
of communication
and a marketing or co-marketing tool.

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New space for your promotions

Ecocap®, can be backprinted
on the internal side,
thereby becoming the ideal
way to convey promotional
messages directly on the can.

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Water and heat resistant

Ecocap® protection
undergoes water immersion
and heat resistance (up to 60 °C) tests.

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100% recyclable

Ecocap® is environmentally friendly,
easy to dispose of and 100% recyclable,
ensuring an extremely low environmental impact.

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Cans stand out

Ecocap® is an excellent promotional tool,
which will make your product immediately
recognisable from above.

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News e fairs

2002, 2019

Big success in Rimini for the new SMART MULTIPACK

The BBTech (Rimini, 13-15 February) confirmed the importance of the latest patented Ecocap’s innovation: the Smart Multipack. A revolutionary solution, which provides the possibility to customize both the packaging and the caps and create a complimentary and outstanding package, which is impossible until now with the traditional packaging systems. With the Smart Multipack Ecocap's it is possible to make the 3 and 6 cans packs immediately recognizable, thus transforming cap and packs into a very effective communication and marketing tool. The new system integrates perfectly with the capsules which maintain the hygiene of the product, and safeguard the consumer and the manufacturer from contamination in the distribution and storage phases. In line with the Ecocap’s philosophy, the Smart Multipack is also characterized by attention to the environment and convenience: it is eco-friendly – made of 100% paper - and cost-effective, as it saves 20% on the packaging material.